How to procure drones in China?

This article provides valuable information for individuals or businesses interested in purchasing drones from China. The article then delves into the procurement platforms available, both online and offline, and offers tips for identifying reliable suppliers by evaluating their business history, exporting countries, and product qualification certifications.




The growth of China's national economy and the vigorous development of private enterprises are also important factors for improving my country's international status. The production technology in all walks of life has become increasingly mature, and civilian products have not only received praise from all over the world but have also captured the attention of the world's strongest air force.

China currently dominates the drone manufacturing market. According to the German drone research organization Droneii, the world's largest drone manufacturer, DJI Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (DJI), based in Shenzhen, holds a 76.8% share of the US market. Moreover, DJI's reputation is commendable both at home and abroad. Droneii also mentioned that the world's second-largest drone company is also Chinese. Yuneec International, headquartered in Suzhou, China, produces over 1 million drones annually and operates worldwide, including in the United States. This means that in China, you can find a drone that suits your preferences.

Finding Suppliers - Purchasing Platforms

Once you have determined that you want to purchase a drone and have decided on the quantity, you can start searching for a suitable supplier within your acceptable price range. There is a saying in China: "Shop around." You can choose multiple suppliers, compare their advantages, and then select the one that best suits your needs. What are the Procurement Platforms? Procurement in China is mainly divided into two parts: online networks and offline face-to-face transactions.

Online Network Platforms

B2B Trade Websites: If your order is less than $100, AliExpress is the right choice. It offers different prices and suppliers for you to choose from. If your order falls between $100-1000, you can consider If you have a larger budget for long-term business development, Alibaba would be more suitable. You can also explore wholesale websites like Made in China and Global Sources.

Google Search: Google is a good channel to find Chinese suppliers. In recent years, more and more Chinese factories and trading companies have established their websites on Google. Simply enter the questions you want to ask, and Google will automatically rank the best merchants for you. You can visit their websites to browse and learn more.

Social Networks: You can also search for Chinese suppliers on specific social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, and others. Many Chinese suppliers seek widespread attention, so they often share news, products, and services on these platforms. You can contact them to learn more about their offerings and then decide whether to cooperate with them.

Face-to-Face Trading 

Looking for Suppliers at Exhibitions: China hosts numerous expos every year, and factories and companies from across the country participate in these events. I recommend starting with the "Canton Fair," which offers the widest range of products. You can also explore other exhibitions in China.

China's Wholesale Markets

China has many wholesale markets for different products. For drone procurement, I recommend visiting Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen, known as China's technology capital and the largest electronic product wholesale market. It is also the birthplace of the world's largest leisure drone market. According to senior officials of the World UAV Federation, China is the world's largest leisure UAV market. Well-known companies like DJI, established in Shenzhen, began their operations in Huaqiangbei and similar electronic product markets in the city.

Industrial Cluster Areas

Many purchasers prefer to find direct manufacturers in China. Therefore, industrial clusters are a suitable choice. An industrial cluster refers to an area where manufacturers of the same type of products are likely to be located, facilitating a shared supply chain and the availability of workers with relevant production experience.

Identifying the Supplier - Evaluating the Background for Trust

With numerous suppliers to choose from, you may be confused about determining a reliable partner. A good supplier is a key element of a successful business. Let me share some crucial details that should not be overlooked.

Business History

Suppliers that focus on researching and selling the same product category for a relatively long period (e.g., more than 3 years) can easily dominate the industry and maintain stable business operations. They should have their factories with sufficient supply and a relatively short stocking cycle.

Exporting Countries

Inquire about the countries to which the supplier has exported. For instance, if you plan to sell products in the US, seek suppliers who offer competitive prices. However, if their main customer clusters are in developing countries, they may not be an ideal choice for you.

Product Qualification Certification

The supplier's possession of relevant product qualification certificates is an important factor, especially for specific products like electronic devices and toys. Many customs authorities have strict requirements for importing such products, and e-commerce platforms may also have specific criteria for allowing sales.

Getting Product Quotes - Four Types of Requests 

During negotiations with a supplier, you will encounter various trade terms that will affect the quotation. Here are the four most commonly used request forms to help you understand the product, calculate the purchase budget, and determine the product cost/price.

Information Request Form: 

Before finalizing the supplier, conduct a qualification review of potential suppliers in advance. Use an information request form to obtain comprehensive information that allows you to screen the supplier's qualifications and acquire general market price information for a specific product or service. This form is used when you are not yet ready for an immediate purchase.

Quotation Request Form: 

Also known as an "inquiry sheet," a quotation request form typically includes the product name, specifications, required quantity, delivery time, delivery terms, packaging method, and quotation deadline, and may include attachments such as drawings or samples. This form helps suppliers provide accurate quotations. The primary focus is on obtaining price information. The level of detail and format requirements may vary depending on the procurement method.

Program Request Form: 

When you cannot provide clear product specifications or want to understand the product technology, a program request document can be formulated. It informs the supplier about the required functions and performance, allowing the supplier to propose a complete technology and design plan. Even if you already have a clear design specification, you can ask the supplier to provide additional feasible solutions to improve the product.

Bidding Invitations:

Compared to an inquiry, "bidding" is usually considered a more formal procurement method. For instance, government procurement activities require bidding. As an invitation document similar to a quotation, a bidding invitation requires you to prepare an invitation letter for each potential supplier. This document provides detailed information about the required products or services, including functions, performance, technical specifications, and service levels.

Sample Evaluation, Communication, and Supplier Selection

After evaluating the supplier's background and reviewing the quotation details, there is one final crucial step that determines which supplier you will work with.

The Lowest Price Doesn't Always Mean the Best Quality.

While price is an important consideration, opting for the lowest price may expose you to the risk of buying inferior products. Production quality is equally vital, including factors such as materials, actual product size, and manufacturing process.

Obtain Samples for Production Quality Evaluation.

Although suppliers promise good product quality, it's essential to request samples to evaluate whether they can meet your requirements or if their existing products align with your needs.

Effective Communication is Key.

Clear and patient communication is essential. If you repeatedly convey your requirements but the supplier fails to meet them, it can lead to energy-draining disputes regarding production requirements or refunds.

Communication should have two key characteristics: Clear and patient communication is essential. If you find yourself repeating your requirements without the supplier producing products as requested, it can lead to energy-draining arguments. This is especially true when dealing with Chinese suppliers who may not understand English well. It's important for communication to always ensure that your needs are understood clearly, while also expecting professionalism from the supplier.


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