S901 RC high-speed car

This is a short, high-speed drift car with four-wheel drive that can conquer various complex terrains.

It has a domineering appearance, dynamic body lines, concave, and convex, and is very compact and exquisite.

S901 RC car
S901 RC car

Short and delicate figure

Tour-wheel drive, high-quality 720 coreless motor, efficient and energy-saving during operation, more powerful power, allowing you to gallop silently.

Powerful two-wheel drive system

Stunt drift

Spin and drift in place, cool stunts.

Safe and harmless ABS material

The body PVC car shell is impact-resistant and not easily damaged.

Product specification sheet

  • Product name: S901 RC high-speed car

  • Color: green/red

  • Product size: 16.7*8*6.1cm

  • Car battery: 3.7V200mAh

  • Drive system: Two-wheel drive power

  • Travel time: 14 minutes

  • Charging time: 2 hours

  • Speed: 16km/h

S901 RC car in the box.
S901 RC car in the box.

In the box

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