The best age for kids to learn drones

This article explores the best age for kids to fly with drones. It discusses the varying definitions of childhood in different countries and the factors that influence kid's ability to learn drones: the kids themselves, their parents, and the type of drone.




Children generally refer to individuals from the beginning of life until before adulthood, but the age group during childhood varies. In many countries, the definition is the same as that of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. A child refers to anyone under the age of 18. There are three decisive factors for children to play with drones: the children themselves, their parents, and the type of drone. Children's hands-on ability and thinking abilities differ at each stage, so the requirements for learning drones are also different.

My child is three years old and relatively young. I don't think he is qualified to learn drones yet, so I have only given him some safe toys to enhance his hands-on abilities. The optimal age for children to learn drones varies in each country. In the United States, children over 4 years old can remotely control drones under supervision. The appropriate age for toy drones is around 8 years old. If your child wants to learn about large and professional drones, they should be over 13 years old (registered with the Aviation Administration before flying). Learning how to fly drones is suitable for all ages.

I suggest dividing the age into multiple stages mainly because of the type of drone suitable for children. Considering quality, cost, functionality, and ease of use, cheaper toy drones are more suitable for younger children, while older children will have the ability to handle slightly larger, more expensive (and more functional) drones. This allows them to develop their skills and maturity, enabling them to choose from a wider range of drones.

Children over 4 years old

Four-year-old children have basic hands-on skills and can start learning to use drone controllers. The drones chosen by children of this age are toy drones, and they should always be supervised by an adult. However, their cognitive and judgment abilities are relatively weak, and they are unaware of the skills required and the risks involved in taking off. I suggest that parents try not to teach them complex functions at this age.

Children over 8 years old

Most toy drone manufacturers recommend their use for children aged 8 and older (some models are recommended for ages 14 and older). An 8-year-old child has basic cognition and the ability to predict risks, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. They can become proficient in using the controller and can maintain their interest in drones for a longer period. Toy drones are a good choice for children aged 8-12 because they are inexpensive and safe, even when flown indoors.

Children over the age of 13

In China, a 13-year-old child is in junior high school and their mind is gradually maturing, along with their hobbies and dreams. For teenagers who love drones, toy drones can be their starting point. If they are serious about learning drone photography skills, then they may consider drones with camera functions, GPS, and intelligent flight modes, which are difficult to find in the toy drone category. Alternatively, if your child is more interested in drone racing, you can consider buying a drone kit to get started.

Parents' Concerns

As parents, we always put our children first, so we are very cautious about any toys and hobbies they engage with. So, what are the concerns parents may have when their children learn about drones? Let me address them one by one below.

Is it safe for children to learn about drones?

Any responsible parent may have questions about the safety of drones suitable for children or teenagers in the market. Before buying a drone, you should be aware of any potential risks involved. Although almost all activities involve some level of risk, with careful screening and responsible behavior, you can rest assured that your child can fly a drone safely.

A 4-years-old take photo.
A 4-years-old take photo.